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Our Specialized Services for Guardians Thumbnail

Our Specialized Services for Guardians

How We Help Guardians:

  Vernick Financial is committed to offer services that help Guardians work in their ward's best interest. Our team has extensive experience working with Guardians and a deep understanding of the responsibilities they have as fiduciaries.

These are just a few of the ways we support guardians in their important work:

  • Assist with the paperwork to marshal assets like stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other investments into one properly titled account.
  • We help guardians establish thoughtful, logical, well-documented processes for the management of their wards assets to help meet the financial fiduciary standard.
  • We help guardians reduce the cost of doing business by offering restricted accounts that qualify for a reduced bond.

Limit your liability with documented, prudent processes

  Sound, thoughtful and well-documented processes establish how guardians manage their ward's assets and the reasons why they make those choices. Oftentimes, we assist in putting together an investment policy statement that outlines the process. Regular well documented meetings are also provided to give the guardian proof that they are following prudent investor rules.

Our professional designations - why they matter to guardians

  Mark Vernick is a CFP® practitioner and Accredited Investment Fiduciary® designee. These designations are important because they indicate specialized knowledge and training beyond what other financial professionals may offer. He is trained in multiple areas of financial planning and how to follow a fiduciary process. Mark can explain the components of an Investment Policy Statement and the protections it affords guardians as financial fiduciaries. Our ultimate goal to help Fiduciaries meet their fiduciary responsibilities when it comes to their clients investments.