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How is Inflation Calculated? Thumbnail

How is Inflation Calculated?

We hear a lot about inflation rates, but do you know how inflation is calculated? Interestingly enough, that’s a pretty simple formula that economists use! Find out how here.

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Donor Advised Funds: A Simple Guide to Philanthropic Giving Thumbnail

Donor Advised Funds: A Simple Guide to Philanthropic Giving

Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) have emerged as a versatile and tax-efficient method for philanthropy in today's charitable landscape, allowing donors to contribute assets and receive immediate tax deductions. These funds grant donors flexibility, privacy, and the potential for investment growth while facilitating strategic and multi-generational giving, making them a valuable tool for individuals and organizations seeking to create a lasting impact on their chosen causes.

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Understanding Municipal Bonds Thumbnail

Understanding Municipal Bonds

Municipal bonds, or "munis," offer tax-efficient income and stability, making them an attractive addition to investment portfolios seeking diversification and reduced tax burdens, with their predictable income stream and relatively low risk being especially beneficial during economic uncertainty.

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